We're excited to share the story behind one of Casetify's artists - Jules Smith Designs.
There is something to be said about adventure-seekers. 10 years ago, Gina of Jules Smith Designs made the bold decision to move to the Virgin Islands and left behind her career with Diesel. That move ultimately led to the founding of her jewelry line in 2006 and since then, she has amassed a huge following of bohemian babes, including Rihanna (O M G!).


Q: Your life is a whirlwind of adventure; you've lived in Las Vegas, Chicago, the Virgin Islands, Brooklyn and now Venice, California. What inspiration have you drawn from moving from place to place? How does that translate to your designs?

A: I am always inspired by my environment and tend to use nature and culture as inspiration for my collections. I love to travel and I thrive on adventure! Moving around a lot has given me a broad perspective on life and that has translated to my aesthetic and our brand message. Our designs appeal to a vast range of women and I'd like to credit my life experience for some of that!

Q: What made you want to dip your toes into designer tech?

A: I love fashion, I love technology and I absolutely love prints. It was a natural progression for the brand as it allowed me to work with prints and gave me the opportunity to incorporate them onto one of daily life's most important necessities. 

Q: Which Casetify X Jules Smith Designs case speaks to you the most?

A: I love them all, but I'd have to say the Americana print. When I first launched swim cover-ups I was very inspired by that print and designed the entire first collection off of that design alone. 

Q: What has been your favorite professional accomplishment yet?

A: Making the move to Venice, CA. It was a big decision to leave the endless grind of NYC and live a more relaxed lifestyle in California. It was a big move for Jules Smith as well as my family, but it was definitely a great one!

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