Introducing a capsule collection by actress Lucy Hale. 

Sharing our passion of empowering self-expression, Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy hale is the brand's newest Creative Director. The result? A stunning tech capsule for the explorers, the dreamers and the creators. 

Meet our Creative Director
It was late August when we first met up with Lucy at a popular eatery in the heart of Weho.
The air was a bit balmy with Los Angeles just on the cusp of fall. 

Light, upbeat music flowed from the restaurant and a subtle hint of jasmine lingered. Surrounded by clean white paint and high, vaulted ceilings we spot Lucy: she's clad in a casual black tank and blue jeans and dons a relaxed grey felt hat, hair loosely tucked away. She goes in for a warm hug as we introduce ourselves and say our hellos, the brightest smile on her face the entire time.

As we settle in and chat over iced drinks on the outdoor patio, we couldn't help but notice the contrast between her relaxed, boho style and the more eclectic persona she's played on Pretty Little Liars for the past seven years. Her meticulously layered necklaces make us do a double-take--most are dainty but her amethyst piece especially catches our eye. You can tell she puts careful thought into her wardrobe, down to the smallest of details but in such a way that it seems almost effortless.

Creativity through Self Expression

The conversation eventually segways to Casetify. "How did you guys get started?" she asked curiously with her big brown eyes. As talk turns to how the brand has evolved and grown over the years, her face lights up as we start diving into our mutual passion of expressing personal style and individuality through your wardrobe and tech in particular.
We learn that she's always toyed with the idea of merging the two. “Most people don’t think twice about tech accessories, but really, they should be an extension of who you are and what you wear,” said Lucy. 

Why Phones Cases

This ultimately set the tone for her first collection as Creative Director: to create pieces that draw from her personal style but also versatile enough so that anyone could put their own spin to it.
As it turns out, she and the Casetify team had numerous brainstorming sessions, making design tweaks until the collection was 100% true to Lucy's aesthetic. It was important to her that she achieve the perfect balance of delicate and daring--this was something that couldn't be compromised. 
Throughout that initial conversation, her excitement proved to be infectious and her ideas endless. We dove into some of her major inspirations, covering everything from her favorite types of people (creatives and go-getters) to prints she can't get enough of (cheeky quotes, cacti, natural stones to name a few). Lucy's beloved maltipoo, Elvis? Unashamedly at the very top of her list.
We get so lost in the conversation that before we know it, she hands us her first of many mood boards. "Here's what I'm envisioning," said Lucy. "I hope you like these as much as I do." Things were off to a great start.
"Most people don't think twice about tech accessories, but really, they should be an extension of who you are and what you wear" - Lucy Hale.